Monday, May 16, 2011

Grits, Eggs, and Toast

You guys know that I don’t blog often. I usually save it for something that I consider “blogworthy”. The Lord really spoke to me this morning and it was through grits, eggs, and toast.

Most mornings, I fix chocolate chip muffins or pop tarts for the girls for breakfast. Last week, I decided to give them something a little sturdier. Usually, this kind of menu is reserved for days off or Lake Murray breakfasts; but I really wanted them to have something that would get them through the morning. When I fixed that last week, Lauren just bragged about how good it was. She cleaned her plate. I thought to myself, “I have really impressed this kid.”

This morning, I decided to treat them again. I fixed not just grits, eggs, and toast; but cheese and eggs. I plated it, got them up, turned on cartoons, and went to my room to start getting ready. When it was time to get dressed, I went back to the den and Lauren hadn’t touched it. She actually said, “Do I have to eat this?” I almost freaked!!! When she realized that my reaction was not going to pretty, she quickly said, “Oh, I’ll eat it.” But it was too late. If she didn’t get dressed right then, they would all be late.

She got dressed, and came into my room for me to brush her hair as I was getting my Bible study stuff out. I told her that I was now going to worry that she was going to be really hungry before lunch time. I tried not to act like such a jerk about it; but on the inside, I was pretty ticked.

Five minutes later, the house was quiet and I was alone with the Lord. I usually write out my thoughts and prayers in my prayer journal. I start by putting a title at the top of the page. That title is usually what’s on my heart when I get started. Guess what it was? “Grits, eggs, and Toast”. I started to ask forgiveness for my bad attitude toward Lauren, but still following that up with the fact that I was worried that she was going to be hungry. The Holy Spirit interrupted.

Here I am congratulating myself for getting up one morning out of a hundred to cook a hot meal, and not just throw water in muffin mix. The Holy Spirit reminded me that He gets up early every day. He is constantly preparing good things for me. Perhaps last week, like Lauren, I saw the bounty before me and ate it all up. This week, maybe something at work was more pressing and I skipped the bounty. Did my Father worry about me getting hungry during the day? Was He concerned that I wouldn’t be at my best because I didn’t get what I needed? Was He hurt, like me, because He had gone to all that trouble and I asked, “Do I have to eat this?”

His bounty extends to more than just breakfast foods. He pursues me and my nourishment every hour of every day. How can I snub my nose at a love like that?

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